Trade Ban List

The following individuals and organizations are banned from purchasing any services or products from the Krath Dynasty and its factions.


Ailon Nova Guard

Aurodium Legion
-Tapani Starship Cooperative
-D’Este Realty
-The Hutt Cartel
-The Granse Confederacy

Black Sun
-Aurora Technologies
-Aurora Reclamation Technologies
-Hyrotii Corporation

-Blackwater Security
-Smugglers Guild

Faerytail Medical

Galactic Empire
-Corellian Engineering Corporation
-Magnaguard Manufacturing
-Myorzo Weapon Systems
-Imperial Mining Corporation
-Kuat Systems Engeneering

Dark Star Hellions – 50 million credit bounty

Zann Consortium – 50 million credit bounty

House Korne

The Exchange

Tresario Star Kingdom
-Tresario Mining Authority
-Cygnus Spaceworks
-Tresario Salvage Yards
–Eclipse BactaCo


Esu Kyouto
Maziel Davik
Inronkini Wànnéng Alani
Allaina Musava
Ooben Miebar
Jerrick Jataan
Morden Veritas
Darwyn Vercades
Ximaro Jix – 500 million credit bounty
Lilitu Ningaz – 450 million credit bounty
Namma Craken – 400 million credit bounty
Maximus Archer

Last updated: 11-24-2013

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