Maelstrom Industrial Salvage

Starting out as a solitary junkyard, Maelstrom Industrial Salvage has humble beginnings as a one man, one ship operation. Though in a relatively short amount of time the amount of scrap metal collected grew exponentially and the operation expanded beyond its original owners imagination. Seeing the potential in this company wealthy philanthropist Han Hunter put up a substantial backing from both his personal wealth and from the estate of the late Selene Tal-Kyrte in order to transform a relatively small junk collection into a full fledged salvage yard.

As Maelstrom grew so did the demand for its demolitions services and its ability to recycle entire planets. Gigantic so called “tax planets” were in dire need of fixing and MIS provided this service to many of the largest and wealthiest planets in the galaxy such as Chandrillia and Larbassa. As the stress of the job grew so did the strain on President Hunter’s personal life and so he left the leadership of the company in the compotent hands of the Federation of Free Alliances however when they were betrayed and their government lost it was then entrusted to the Old Repuplic. Following a series of innactive and innefeccient leaders President Hunter has since reclaimed leadership of the company to bring it in line with his original vision.

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