Awards of The Krath

Awards and medals that can be obtained in service to Krath are listed below.

Medals and awards

Shesharile Star Tetan Sword Iron Cross
Awarded to the bravest and most honourable Krath working towards the Krath’s goals Presented to members that perform services that uphold the traditons of the Krath
Granted to members that have shown bravery in the face of extreme and potentially lethal danger
Distinguished Service Meritorius Service Purple Heart
Granted to members that have taken extreme measures at personal risk to ensure the saftey of the Krath This is granted to members that have taken extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of the Krath Awarded for injuries or incapacitation in the line of duty
Achievement Medal Betterment Medal Foreign Service
Awarded for achieving a significant end for Krath Awarded for improving their department in a significant way Awarded to foreign nationals that assist Krath in significant duties
Culture Letter of Commendation Recruitment
Awarded for significant contributions to the Krath culture Awarded for tending to duties beyond the call Awarded for significant efforts in recruitment
Ground Service Ribbon Space Service Ribbon Volunteer Service Ribbon
Awarded for service in the Marines Awarded for service in the Navy Awarded for service by non-military sentients
RP Ribbon RP Veteran Ribbon Service Ribbon
One awarded for each year of service in Krath

Campaign Ribbons

Mayagil Churba Shintel
Obtained for participating in the war against the Galactic Empire in the Mayagil sector Obtained for participating in the war against BlasTech around Hoth and Bespin Obtained for particpiating in the build war against Eidola in Shintel
Shesharile Eldavorn Tokmia
War with the IORA to regain control of the Shesharile system Obtained for participating in the war against Anzatan Commonwealth on Eldavorn
Obtained for participating in the construction of the Tokmia system
Merchant Spear Anoat Blackhole
Secret mission to build military installations on Kinyen Mission to build up Anoat to prevent loss of system control to Kagada Corporation Galactic Alliance mission to take Black Sun’s last sector and revert them from being a government
Secure Stalwart Guardian House Guest
Mission to build up planets to avoid loss of control Invasion of Coruscant system with Krath military forces
Rogue Cloud 9 Kessel
Readiness mission against Mandalore in Japrael and other systems Build up of Krath planets to maximise economies Station build-up in Kessel against Mandalore
Supremacy Falling Sword Bayonet
Operation to scout and secure new territory Operation against Mandalore, stealing RMs with defectee Operation on Derra IV for combat simulations
Honourable Flight
Operation to build up Adarlon II GA operation

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