Qel-Droma United Assembly

The Qel-Droma United Assembly is the force that keeps Krath’s core territories safe from incursions, be it a stray pirate, an act of espionage or even an Imperial armada. In order to ensure the safety of Krath citizenry both on land and in space, they employ some of the most powerful ships in the Galaxy, as well as an arsenal of support ships and fighters. Acting both as a military and a peacekeeping force, the Qel-Droma is working tirelessly to maintain an enclave of peace in the Rift. The resolution of its members is unwavering, their loyalty unquestionable and their might rivaled only by their brethren from the Ori’Ramikade.

The Commanding Officer of the Qel-Droma United Assembly, Lord Protector – and his executive officer, , are the key and lockstone of the Assembly. They ensure that all operations and transitions happen as smoothly as possible.

“We aim to please and shoot to kill. Or was it the other way around? What’s the line again?” -Lord Protector Gryjiss, Y17

Lord Protector




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