History of the Order of Krath

The true history of Krath is shrouded in mystery and darkness. Some say Krath’s origins date back to the beginnings of the Sith empire, while others say Krath is no more than a fairy-tale meant to keep children in their beds at night. Some say the Tameht tribe worshipped Krath before the Sith empire was formed.

Some would say Krath herself was actually a Sith noble, who used her magic to contact and influence the Tameht peoples from afar. Shortly after this time, the alien race known as the Sith had created an empire for themselves. These Sith were brutal, fuedal, and powerful warlords. Elite lords took the title of “Darth” Meaning “shadow warrior” and taken from the 1st dark-lord, Darth himself.

An apprentice of his (Darth’s), Krath, had learned much and yearned to learn more.
Darth told Krath that as long as she remained with the sith, she could not unlock any more of the secrets held within the darkness beyond the stars. During the great hyperspace war, Krath left the Sith, taking much Sith knowledge and artifacts with her. She went to the Tameht peoples in person (rather than in astral form) and helped them to create the talisman that would become as legendary as ancient holocrons. This lead to the first priesthood of Krath.

Looking for worthy followers, Krath staged wars against her own followers. The talisman passed from the Tameht, to the Zfana, and then to the Mshanyata who lost it after the war of five thousand days when they were destroyed by the Makalasa. Over the years of worship to her and blood-shed in her name, Krath found a means of immortality. She gained power enough to sustain her body on the power of her worshippers and from the spirits of those who died for her. During these times, Krath killed all her “Siblings” that were rivals for her power and station. The Pantheon in which Krath had been a part of had been annihilated. Krath stood supreme, as a true god and was worshipped so. Eventually Krath dissappeared (around the same time the Makalasa defeated the Mshanyata) and the Talisman was all that seemed to remain of Krath.

Krath’s spirit was able to use the talisman and ensure that there would always be worshippers of Krath. It is rumored that between this time and the time of Freedon Nadd,(and during the time of Satal) that Krath’s spirit demonically possessed the bodies of many different sentients who came across the talisman. Many religions were created during this time and most, -if not all- were influenced if not directed by Krath herself.

Eventually, the talisman ended up in the hands of a Force sensitive, and noble of a ruling family, Satal Keto. The Krath coup took control of the system from his parents and placed the order of Krath in control. It is rumored that Krath’s spirit, is responsible for the massacre at Deneba (giving Satal the order) and for the rise of the Naddist cult after the dark lord, Freedon Nadd’s death. “The Disciples of Satal” also spread Krath’s will across the galaxy, creating more Krath influenced religions.

After much infighting and chaos within the order, the Krath order once again fell to nothingness. Aleema Keto had betrayed her cousin Satal Keto and Ulic Qel-Droma, only to later be betrayed by Exar Kun. Satal’s spirit became trapped within the talisman, and was lost yet again.

The events following the time from when Thraken Solo found the amulet, to now,(including the recovery of this particular tale) have re-birthed a new belief in the ancient wisdom of Krath.

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