Home of The Krath & Affiliates

The Krath are an ancient culture, brought into the modern day era of the galaxy. Taking a balanced view on the Force, they count both Dark- and Lightsiders among their ranks. Residing in the southern end of the galaxy at the end of the Rimma Trade Route and the Hydian Way, the Krath guard the outer edges of the sector from pirates and smugglers that regularly ply the less populated regions of the galaxy.

The Krath consists of three main departments strung out amongst several different factions. The Government branch includes The Krath containing the Engineering Corps amongst others, as well as the Order of Krath which guides the cultural aspects. The Military branch conists of the North and South Fleets, steadfast in their defence of our realm. Finally the Industry department consists of Koros Spaceworks, our shipwright; and Minos-Mestra Munitions, our weapons manufacturer.find out

Since the prevalence of Discord has reached Combine, Krath has created a Discord server where anyone is welcome to come and chat with us. Feel free to click here to join us there.

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