Ranks of The Krath

Below lists all current ranks of the Krath Government branch which consists of the government secretaries and administrators as well as the Krath Engineering corps, responsible for maintaining the infrastructure within the Krath. Their paygrade is also provided.

The credit equivalent of each tier is listed on the appropriate page of Pay Grades.

Pay Grade Government Engineering Corps
12 Emperor Rank
10 Quaestorian Rank Auditore Rank
Lord Quaestorian Lord Aedile
9 GovC2  KECC2
Chancellor Worldshaper
8 GovC1 KECC1
Councillor Shaper
7 GovO4 KECO4
Senior Administrator Starseeker
6 GovO3 KECO3
 Administrator Visionary
5 GovO2 KECO2
Senior Secretary Inspector
4 GovO1 KECO1
Secretary Operative
3 GovE3 KECE3
Curator Architect
2 GovE2 KECE2
Scribe Steward
1 GovE1 KECE1
Initiate Initiate


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