Ship Sales and Services

Welcome to Koros Spaceworks. For all Datacard sales or enquiries please contact Devon Felson.

Koros Spaceworks prides itself on providing high-quality ships and services.

Technology Sales
Please note that Koros Spaceworks only provides Datacard sales. Any completed ships will be sold via the Trade Federation Market only as available. Prices and ordering options for DCs can be found here: Krath Imperial Quartermaster

How to Order
  • All Nova Crystals and credits for payment must be sent to Koros Spaceworks.
  • Enter the ship type, quantity and shipyard/factory ID in the message.
  • Indicate in the message if the entity the datacard is to be assigned is a station or factory.
  • If available, the message should contain the name of the purchasers faction. This allows us to calculate the appropriate discount.

Design data is transmitted directly from Koros Spaceworks’s secure database to your shipyard or factory once payment is rendered subject to our terms and conditions. Design price is determined on use and membership in the Endor Pact. Discounts are available to EP members for ships built for personal use. Ships built for resale require full datacard payment.


Zeta-class Long-Range Shuttle

Brayl-class bulk freighter

DX-9 Dropship

CR-90 Corvette

Modular Taskforce Cruiser

Terms and conditions:

  • All sales are final.
  • No discounts are available on large orders.
  • Koros Spaceworks does not sell to any group or individual associated with the following trade embargoes: Trade Ban List
  • Koros Spaceworks reserves the right to refuse sale.
  • Datacards will not be reassigned due to operator error.
  • The EP DC fee is for ships built for personal use for members of factions affiliated with the Endor Pact. Ships built for resale require full datacard payment.

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