1 = 188,247

Currently exchanges are limited to 2,000 per sentient. The official exchange rate released by the Dynasty Bank is fully backed by the Krath Dynasty at all times. So you are assured that you can always convert it to credits.

Nova Crystals

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to edit the widget that displays the current NC value on this page. Please disregard this value as it is incorrect. The correct value is reflected both on the CPM and our Discord server.

Nova Crystals are a form of currency introduced by The Krath and used within Krath territory. Several other factions and groups have also decided to accept Nova Crystals in payment – the full list of participating groups is listed later. They are used in lieu of credits, since each Nova Crystal has a set credit value which is guaranteed by The Krath. Although not as easily transferable as credits due to their item nature, it does allow for greater communication between parties.┬áThe value will fluctuate every month depending on several factors, which is different from credits where you will effectively loose money over time as things become more expensive. This also means, that depending on the rate of inflation, this may be an excellent way to set up an investment for the future.

To Exchange for Nova Crystals

In order to exchange credits for Nova Crystals, simply send the correct value of credits to the Krath. Please include in the transaction tag the number of Nova Crystals you are exchanging for. Please also include the type of Nova Crystal you would prefer to exchange for, as described below. You cannot exchange raw Nova material!

Alternatively, if you wish to exchange credits for NCs, simply send the correct amount of credits to The Krath, and someone will send you the NCs as soon as possible. If it has been several days and you have not received them, please contact Talak Kasra – we get lots of events every day and occasionally it gets lost in the other events.

Mobile Nova Crystals (MNC)

These Nova Crystals are classfied as those that you physically hold. You can pay for items using these Nova Crystals by simply exchanging ownership and possesion with your seller. If you choose to exchange for these Nova Crystals, you can choose to either pick them up from one of our distribution banks around the galaxy, or if you require large numbers or happen to be closer, our main distribution center is on Kal`Shebbol in the Kathol sector.

For the distribution banks, we will add you to the crewlist of the closest bank so you can collect your Nova Crystals. Most likely there will be additional Nova Crystals there, so please refrain from taking any that are not assigned to you. We will blacklist any Nova Crystals taken this way, and they will not be allowed to be returned to the Krath for credits.

For the distribution center on Kal`Shebbol, we will place your Nova Crystals into a speeder and assign you to the crewlist.

**Please note that MNCs are no longer distributed by The Krath Empire**

Secure Nova Crystals (SNC)

These Nova Crystals will be stored in a secure location that only select bank personnel have access to. Exchanging for these Nova Crystals will grant you ownership, but not possession. However, because they are in a secure location, you can transfer their ownership during payment, and means that the transaction will be instantaneous, just like credits.

Celebration Nova Crystals (CNC)

These Nova Crystals are specially cut to commemorate a special event. A set number will be made, and IDs for these will be recorded by the Jewelers for authenticity checking. Though these will only be accepted by The Krath at the current Nova Crystal value, collectors around the galaxy will usually be willing to pay at enhanced costs.

These crystals will be made available for pickup by those that obtain these Nova Crystals from The Krath. Pickup will usually be around the Minos/Kathol sectors.

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