Pilgrim Trail

The Pilgrim Trail is a route that takes in all the planets of significance to the Krath, in order of their apperance in Krath lore. Please take care when visiting planets, as some are known to be controlled by enemies of the Krath.

The Pilgrim Trail is a journey for those wishing to understand Krath more. It involves a series of locations that were important to the Krath at one stage or another that should be followed in order to get the best feel, and authenticity. Unfortunately, due to the old age of some of the records, parts of the Trail are missing. For now, just read and absorb what the significance for that location is, before travelling on to the next stop. In order to inform you of the risks that may be attatched to travelling to these locations, the controlling group is indicated, and coloured based on their aggressiveness towards the Krath.

Green: Friendly territory
Blue: Neutral territory
Red: Enemy territory

The Ancient Path

1. The Beginning
Sector: Coruscant
System: Coruscant (-15, 88)
Planet: Coruscant (5,8)
City: Vak Ryan Cultural Centre (8,3)
Controlled: Galactic Empire

It was here that Satal Keto and Aleema Keto discovered an ancient Sith spell book and stole it in an effort to unlock their secrets. However they could not read the ancient text and so headed to Onderon, spurred on by the information that dark side users were there.

2. The Knowledge
Sector: Japrael
System: Japreal (160, 85)
Planet: Onderon (13, 5)
City: Iziz (7,7)
Controlled: Mandalore

The beginning of the rise of Krath, it was here that Satal Keto and Aleema Keto went to unlock the secrets of the Sith spell book they uncovered on Coruscant. There they met with the long dead Sith Lord Freedon Nadd who unlocked its power for them.

3. The Home
Sector: Koro-Teta
System: Empress Teta (-19, 55)
Planet: Empress Teta (5, 5)
City: Ession Prime (1,1)
Controlled: Galactic Empire

Here the new followers of Krath came into their birthright when Satal killed his own father and closest advisors in a carbonite mining station. There they took control of the entire system, and fended off a Republic/Jedi taskforce.

4. The Strike
Sector: ?
System: ?
Planet: Deneba (?,?)

It was here that the Krath launched a massive attack on a gathering of over 10,000 Jedi. Using their Krath War Droids, and corrupted programming of the Jedi’s serving droids, many of the Jedi were wiped out. The Jedi, Ulic Qel-Droma, infiltrated the ranks of the Krath and became Aleema’s lover. Over a period of time, Aleema got jealous of her cousin Satal and though events Qel-Droma killed Satal.

5. The Ally
Sector: Gordian Reach
System: Yavin (205, 280)
Planet: Yavin 4 (16, 2)
City: Temple of Exar Kun (11,1)
Controlled: Lamborari

The Sith Exar Kun joined up with the Keto’s in his search for other darkside users. Together they drew in prospective Jedis and turned them to the darkside, and sending them off to kill their masters.

6. The Betrayal
Sector: Auril
System: Ossus (327, 238)
Planet: Ossus (9, 9)
Controlled: The Jedi Order

With the Tetan fleets organised, a strike at Coruscant was performed. Betrayal by Aleema caused a series of events that led to Exar sending her to Ossus in the newly unearthed Sith warship – Naga Sadow’s flagship. Its secret weapon was able to destroy stars using the force of the user, and when Aleema used it to destroy Jedi ships in the system, the resulting chain reaction of supernovas from the stars caused the ship to be engulfed.

The Modern Journey

7. The Return
Sector: Arkanis
System: Tatoo (296, -248)
Planet: Tatooine (6, 12)
City: Mos Eisley (2,7)
Controlled: New Republic

With the death of Exar on Yavin IV, the Krath fell from power and the public eye. However, in recent times the cult was reborn and first returned to power at Tatooine as the Order of Krath under command of Thraken Solo.

8. The Empty Threat
Sector: Hapes Cluster
System: Lorell (136, 99)
Planet: Lorell (14, 6)
City: Nightsisters temples (6,6)
Controlled: Hapes Consortium

Successful boarding actions of the Order under Thraken, strengthening Krath’s military at the Antarian Rangers expense.

9. The Hapan Roots
Sector: Hapes Cluster
System: Charubah (142, 109)
Planet: Charubah (5, 9)
Controlled: Hapes Consortium
This system is closed by the local government. Krath citizens are not allowed to enter at this time.

Successful consolidation by Krath against intruders when the Hapes Consortium lost control over the planet for a short while. Lord Frezt Raleigh’s birth place.

10. The New Betrayal
Sector: Maldrood
System: Anzat (317, 185)
Planet: Anzat (16,8)
City: Kelika City (4,3)
Controlled: Anzatan Commonwealth

Thraken died in orbit, betrayed by Oilios Kastrefor.

11. The Capture
Sector: Alderaan
System: Alderaan (44, 79)
Planet: Alderaan (14, 12)
City: Aldera (4,3)
Controlled: Tenloss Syndicate

Dark Jedi Asarya Katr lured many Krath into a trap and made them prisoner. Some became martyrs.

12. The Heresy
Sector: Auril
System: Forscan (339, 228)
Planet: Forscan VI (12, 11)
City: Previous Pillars of Elom, nowadays known as TSK Forscan 01 03 (1,3)
Controlled: Tresario Star Kingdom

Where the Invisible Army heresy started which almost meant the end of the Order.

13. The Mayagil War Pt1
Sector: Mayagil
System: H`nemthe (80, -344)
Planet: H`nemthe (2, 12)
City: Kaer Loch (3,4)
Controlled: New Republic

Remnants of the Mayagil War when the planet was conquered by the Krath and the imperials withdrew from the sector.

14. The Mayagil War Pt2
Sector: Mayagil
System: Colu (55, -350)
Planet: Clak’Dor VII (5, 5)
City: Bith’Ail (0,0)
Controlled: New Republic

Remnants of the Mayagil War when the planet was conquered by the Krath and the imperials withdrew from the sector.

15. The Mayagil War Pt4
Sector: Mayagil
System: Colu (55, -350)
Planet: Clak’Dor IV (4, 10)
City: New Nozho (6,6)
Controlled: The Krath

Remnants of the Mayagil War when the planet was conquered by the Krath and the imperials withdrew from the sector.

16. The Asylums
Sector: Javin
System: Anoat (-65, -337)
Planet: Gentes (10, 4)
City: Gentes Business District South (3,6)
Controlled: The Krath

Rows of ancient Asylums mark this city, leftovers from an ancient pre-Krath Era where firm believers where often mistaken for insane or dysfunctional people and were locked away. It has been opened by the Krath as tribute and reminder of past mistakes.

17. The High Priest’s Domain
Sector: Minos Cluster
System: Karideph (60, -447)
Planet: Karideph (8, 6)
City: Raleigh’s Quarters (3,2)
Controlled: The Krath

The home of Mystiel Raleigh for the years he spent in the Minos Cluster. The temple in which he used to communicate with Krath still exists and has been opened for visitors.

18. The Krath Palace
Sector: Minos Cluster
System: Shesharile (-70, -450)
Planet: Shesharile 3 (10, 6)
City: Palace City (9,9)
Controlled: The Krath

The original Krath Palace in the Minos Cluster, it’s been a home to most prominent Krath in the second and third Era. Many relics can be found here.

19. The Headquarters and Remains
Sector: Minos Cluster
System: Shesharile (-70, -450)
Planet Position: Shesharile 3 (10, 6)
City Position: Gallisport (9, 3)
Controlled: The Krath

An ancient command centre next to the most important starport of the planet. The remainders of Krath Lord Mystiel Raleigh can be found here as well as other relics of the Order.

20. The Senate
Sector: Kathol
System: Kathol (63, -467)
Planet Position: Kathol (6,8)
City Position: Senate District (8,8)
Controlled: The Krath

Old Kathol Republic Senate located here.

21. The Proclamation
Sector: Kathol
System: Kal`Shebbol (58, -460)
Planet: Kal`Shebbol (12, 6)
City: Kal`Shera (0,5)
Controlled: The Krath

Proclamation of the Krath, formed from the Kathol Republic. Was the start of the Krath shrugging off their roots to the Galactic Empire from the Kathol Republic, and a surge of acknowledgement from the rest of the galaxy. Was headed by Frezt Raleigh among other notable Krath Lords.

22. The Temples of Life and Death
Sector: Minos Cluster
System: Shesharile (-70, -460)
Planet: Shesharile (18, 4)
City: Rantsa Outpost (9,8)
Controlled: The Krath

The temples play an important role in the Shesharile diocese and

23. Headquarters of the Order, the Grande Cathedral
Sector: Kathol
System: Kathol Rift (69, -482)
Planet: Demonsgate (NCW-86) (11, 10)
City: Krath Holy City (0,0)
Controlled: The Krath

The religious centre of the Order of Krath. The city consists soley of temples, churches and chapels, with in the middle the colossal Grande Cathedral, the command centre and a huge conference building for conclaves.

24. The Restoration of a World
Sector: Quelli
System: Cathar Prime (118, 270)
Planet: Cathar (6, 6)
City: Cathar Royal Quarter (1,1)
Controlled: The Krath

After years of being a slum planet, with millions of sentients living in conditions that would appall the most degraded Gamorean, the planet was redeveloped into a world that took into consideration the natural beauty of the planet’s plains and deserts.

25. The Gathering of Lords
Sector: Kathol
System: Exocron (70, -481)
Planet: Exocron (14, 1)
City: City of Fire (6,10)
Controlled: The Krath

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