KNG Agreement

Krath Networked Groups (KNG):

  • Krath citizens may own, operate, and join privately-owned factions or non-faction groups and retain Krath citizenship provided that all group members are Krath citizens.
  • In the case of non-faction groups, members must be in a Krath-affiliated or owned faction.
  • Such members shall retain access to Krath citizen areas.
  • Such factions shall clearly state that they are privately owned and Krath-affiliated.
  • Such factions may sell goods and services to non-enemies of the Krath at prices of their own determination.
  • Such factions may sell goods and services to enemies of the Krath so long as it does not jeopardize the sovereignty of the Krath and it’s affiliates.
  • Other factions may apply to the High Council to become Krath-affiliated factions provided they agree to their members becoming Krath citizens.
  • A KNG may be removed upon a decision of the High Council. At such a time, all members of the KNG in question will be stripped of their Krath citizenship.

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