Leadership of the Military

The current Lord Imperator of the Holy Krath Legion:

Lord Imperator


Talak Kasra

Talak Kasra, the Butcher of Kathol. To some, a stalwart enforcer of Krath’s ideals, determined to see Krath restored to its former glory. To others, naught but a bloodthirsty thug, elevated to a position of power by his superiors. His visage is shrouded in mystery, as there are very few individuals who have seen this Mandalorian commando without his trademark armor. Holding a great deal of power within the Krath, his official role is that of a Lord Imperator. With an extensive network of soldiers and spies, there is very little that eludes this Hapan’s sight.

Bu’yraolyara arasuum, akaanir ra ramaanar.” Lord Kasra, Y16 (Translation: Resist stagnation, fight or die)

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