If Qel-Droma United Assembly is the shield of Krath, the Ori’ramikade (Supercommandos) are the sword. A fleet comprised entirely of Mandalorians, they provide an extended autonomous arm to the Krath military force, deflecting any would-be assailant in the coreward systems of Krath space. On top of this, they also serve as the main offensive strike force of Krath, organizing raids deep into the enemy territory. Boasting the strongest warships the Krath has to offer along with fully equipped squadrons of support craft and a well-trained ground force to boot, the Ori’ramikade are a name that inspires courage in Krath’s allies and terror in its enemies. The Ori’ramikade veterans can always find a place in a cantina table and the stories they share evocate awe and respect from both their military and civilian counterparts.

The Commanding Officer of the Ori’ramikade, Warden of the North Cuyan Hulo is the mastermind behind a major portion of the Ori’ramikade activity. Never one to shy from combat, his strategic thinking has led to many improvements both on the field and beyond. Thanks to him, the fleet is always prepared to meet any attacker – and make sure they do not live to tell the tale. Alongside Warden Hulo, is his executive officer: Seth Craal who assists in the day to day taskings and organization of the Ori’ramikade.

“Atiniir oyar’e carahya” – Warden Hulo, Y18 (Translation: Endure the endless struggle)

Warden of the North


Cuyan Hulo



Seth Craal

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