Weapon Dealership

NOTE: We accept Nova Crystal Nova Crystals as payment on all orders.

Weapons can only be bought by batches. For any order, please contact Kavac La`Cthulhu.

Krath members enjoy a 25% discount on these prices; GA members, a 15%; Government and Paramilitary factions, a 10%. Discounts are not cumulative. If you intend to resell the weapons later, no discount is offered.

Morgukai Glaive
Morgukai Glaive
Batch order price: Krath only
Batch order price: Republican Credit950,000
Batch quantity: 7
T-21 Light Repeating Blaster
Batch order price: Republican Credit410,000
Batch quantity: 6
TB-1a Ionisation Blaster
Batch order price: Republican Credit340,000
Batch quantity: 7
CVI Rotating Heavy Cannon
Batch order price: Republican Credit440,000
Batch quantity: 3


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