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The Krath are looking for inspired relic hunters and archeologists to scour the galaxy for artefacts around the galaxy. We are willing to pay individuals that come to us with items they have recovered, along with any history of the object they have researched. Pay will be in Nova Crystals primarily, and will be around Nova Crystal 10, depending on the uniqueness of the artefact recovered, and the level of research gone into it. We will also provide a Pit Droid and a WED-series Treadwell droid for your use, once you make your intentions aware to use.

To avoid too much confusion and competition for hunters after the same artefact, we will require you to contact us ahead of time indicating your intentions. This is a simple matter, and will not take long.

Any artefacts you recover and wish to hand in for a payment and your name being added as the discoverer of the artefact on our holosite, will need to bring the artefact to us in the Shesharile system. This allows us to ensure its authenticity, and to protect it against further thefts by unscrupulous sentients.

OOC Information begins

To avoid too many people going after the same artefact, and us getting 10 different claims for the same artefact, please make a post in our forum (linked at the top) in the Artefact section so we can manage who gets what. We will allow a few people to go after the same artefact, after all whats a little competition between friends (or enemies), but the first person to bring us the artefact will get the reward.

Once you have contacted us about your intentions, we will make over a pit droid and a WED droid. The Pit Droids will be on Kal`Shebbol, but currently the WED droids are further north as we have yet to ship them south. You are free to pick them up whenever, but for RPs sake its nicer if you get them first and use them in your hunt.

We are looking for named artefacts that have canon significance – to that end it is best to look at Wookieepedia, specifically at Artifacts. That should help to give you an idea of what to look for, and where.

In order to best simulate actually doing archeology digs, and searching planets, the best method we have found is to use FK speeders to prospect 2 or 3 grids on the planet of choice to simulate checking out sites for digging. Once this is done you can land on one of the grids you scanned and step outside and craft a keycard to simulate digging around.

Once you have done that (or not if you are really lazy, but we expect some sort of effort) we would like an item matching the artefacts description. This will usually require a custom item, or a custom image of an appropiate item. For instance if you are searching for a relic sword, you will need to have a Sword item with a custom image. No item, no reward.

You will need to bring the item to the Shesharile system in the Minos Cluster sector. Once you drop it off at a secure location, and made over to The Krath, we will provide you with your reward. Contact Ellias Aubec if you wish for more information.

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