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Minos-Mestra Munitions offers the finest delivery service available in our market branch. We use ships incorporating the finest Corellian engineering, and combined with our expert freighter pilots we deliver an excellent gunrunner service. We also try to keep a large stock of products available at all times, to ensure our mission: “Order now, on its way tomorrow!”

Orders above Republican Credit10,000,000 will enjoy free delivery.

We deliver each batch conveniently in its own Cargo Container. The cost for delivery is calculated with the following formula:

Cost = P / 25 + 10,000 * h )

Where ‘P‘ is the price for your order (excluding shipping fee) and ‘h‘ is the amount of days spent in hyperspace (our ships have Type 6 Hyperdrives). The delivery fee will be due when the order is dropped off on its location.

Our pilots are to be assigned at least crewlist access to an entity (such as a ship, vehicle or facility) to drop off the order. Delivery locations on open ground are your own responsibility! Our pilots are instructed to wait at least 48 hours in the destination system if no access has been assigned. If after 48 hours no contact has been made or access has been assigned, our pilot is eligible to proceed to their next checkpoint. A new delivery contract will have to be made with MMM, most likely against additional costs.

To ensure our pilot’s safety, we do not deliver to sectors and systems controlled by the following factions (and their nationalized factions) as well as

  • Eidola
  • Mytaranor Slaving Council
  • Galactic Empiire
  • Black Sun
  • Dark Star Hellions

Additionally Minos Mestra will refuse to deliver or supply to any faction on the Trade Ban List


When you do not want to have your order delivered, you can choose to pick it up yourself. Your order will be stored securely behind Level 3 Blastdoors in our Trading Station. You will receive a passcode with which you may enter the room that we assign to your order. First 30 days are free. If your order has not been picked up after 30 days, we will charge a fee of Republican Credit50,000 and an additional Republican Credit5,000 for every additional day of secure storage (your passcode access will be removed until the fine is paid).

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