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Kell Decrees Krexit – Krath announces departure from Galactic Alliance

Krath to leave in less than 24 hours, Emperor Kell says

Several hours ago, Emperor Lazarus Kell and his Imperial Council had reached a decision that will undoubtedly affect Krath space for years to come. After calling in an emergency session of the Council earlier this week, Emperor Kell had issued a public proclamation to every Krath household. In case you missed it or were not tuned to the Krath state channel at the time of the broadcast, we provide a direct transcript below:

“It is with a heavy heart that I must on this day announce the withdrawal of The Krath from the Galactic Alliance. For many years we have seen members come and go from the Alliance, in all that time under my leadership as well as under previous leaders of Krath we have worked towards supporting our friends in the Galactic Alliance to the best of our abilities. In recent times, however, we have witnessed the slow degradation of what once made the Alliance strong. Instead of focusing on our roots of military cooperation we have been consistently caught up in political posturing and bickering over cultural differences. With that in mind and after extensive discussions in the highest councils of Krath, we have decided it would be for the best to take our leave from the Alliance and adopt a neutral stance in the galactic conflict. To our former allies I would say we bear no grudges and for those who would still call us friends we would do the same.”

The statement came as a surprise to many, albeit the message it contained was hardly unexpected. Although the official stance of the church and state has always favored the GA in the Galactic Civil War, the cultural divide between Krath and other member states was obvious at a glance. Even though public figures often emphasized the importance of a unified military resistance against the Galactic Empire and its puppet states, it would seem the constant pressure on Krath to fall within the cultural norm has finally taken its toll. Citizens of Krath will undoubtedly remember the time we were lambasted over the state’s decision to make an example of the most notorious criminal our Empire had ever seen: Varro Belle.

Shortly after the execution, tensions flared between the Krath and the New Republic on the justification of the extreme punishment. The fallout resulted in a diplomatic crisis that caused the abrupt career decline of the then contemporaneous Secretary General of the Galactic Alliance (Natalis Oro, New Republic). This led to her spearheading an extremely caustic anti-Krath smear campaign amongst the Republic’s citizens. From that point on, the communications between the Republic and the Krath began deteriorating. Slowly but steadily, this divide increased in size, eventually becoming a full-on communications breakdown. This was only one of many policies and actions that would be taken to threaten Krath sovereignty from the Alliance as a whole.

With the newly-imposed trade embargo on Krath by the Republic, coming in the late days of this year, it would seem that Emperor Kell and the Imperial Council had had enough. Calling an emergency session, he’d decided that if Krath had to choose between two evils, it would not choose at all. With other states already announcing their departure from the Alliance as well, it is clear that we can expect major political shifts in the months to come.

One thing remains certain though, the Imperial Treasury has sarcastically assured all citizens of the galaxy that the Nova Crystal remains stable and is still backed by the Krath government.


Ex-COMPNOR Leader Joins Krath

Joshua Chamberlain to re-enter the Galactic Civil War; this time alongside the Galactic AllianceJoshua Chamberlain
Earlier this week, the Central Krath Recruitment Office had received a request of citizenship signed by one Joshua Chamberlain, the same man whose curriculum vitae contains such important terms as COMPNOR, Task Force Delta and the Kashyyk Massacre, making him one of the most prominent and controversial men in the Galaxy. Initially disregarding the application as a practical joke carried out by an anonymous individual, the CKRO soon discovered, that the man behind it and his intention were both genuine, and that Mr. Chamberlain was in fact interested in making his return to the frontlines. After receiving a response, Mr. Chamberlain was put through the motions of becoming a certified citizen of Krath, although with far more extensive background checks thanks to his past ties to the Empire.

A master tactician with a soft side

Indeed, Joshua Chamberlain’s life story would make for a very interesting read (although he isn’t planning on publishing an autobiography just yet). Born on Obroa-skai, he soon abandoned his academic pursuits thanks to his newfound passion for the military, eventually ending up as one of the many recruits of the Imperial Army. There he had shown his natural affinity for martial leadership, expressing great talent in tactics and operative problem solving, as well as a strong sense of humanity and compassion.
After the tumultuous events surrounding the death of Emperor Charon, the young officer was granted a commanding position, reaching the rank of Colonel quickly. He was soon reassigned to a brand new unit tasked with eliminating the enemies of the Empire, both internal and external: Task Force Delta. After Delta’s assimilation into the COMPNOR, Chamberlain was relieved of his leadership position, albeit temporarily. The fervor and skill exhibited by the officer eventually led to him being appointed as de facto commander of the Commission. It would seem that there was nothing that could stop Mr. Chamberlain’s meteoric rise in the ranks. But that was soon to change.

On Year 6 Day 356, Task Force Delta was ordered to carry out the most infamous operation in the Empire’s recent history: the Kashyyk Massacre. As effective commander of the Task Force, Chamberlain had to follow the orders set by Emperor Bonias, ordering the strike on the native Wookiee population to commence. Despite it being heralded as a victory for the Empire, Chamberlain couldn’t bring himself to celebrate alongside his peers. This later formed a rift between the esteemed Brigadier General and the Empire as a whole, leading to his resignation and departure from Imperial space.

Back into the fight

Re-organized fleet
Mr. Chamberlain had gone under the wing of the Invid Order, a neutral group, in order to escape the spotlight that had been aimed at him for the better part of his life. However, after over a decade of political seclusion, he has decided to step into the fray once more, claiming that “… after a while that sort of space allows you to examine who you really are and what you really want. I knew I had to throw off neutrality and get back into the fight.”
When asked about his decision to join the Krath Empire specifically, he praised the state for “still having fire”, expressing his opinion that after a while, larger governments “get complacent.” He intends to put his extensive internal knowledge of Imperial structures forward and assist the Holy Krath Legion in matters advisory and, of course, martial. The Krath Imperial Council and Legion High Command have already applauded Mr. Chamberlain’s decision, offering him the position of Martial Consultant. Should he accept, he will report directly to Lord Imperator Kasra, who’d said his first order of priority would be using Mr. Chamberlain’s extensive knowledge of the Empire’s military to optimize the army structure and battle strategies. Lord Protector Kalzel Gryjiss, the commanding officer of the Qel-Droma United Assembly, also expressed his thrill at the opportunity to “learn how the Empire clicks from the insider’s perspective” and that Mr. Chamberlain’s offer of assistance in exchange for employment and citizenship was “the best deal in the history of deals, maybe ever.” Mr. Chamberlain’s entry into Krath politics has met with mostly positive responses from the public as well. His appearance is regarded to provide a welcome benefit in tandem with the large-scale reforms of the civilian sector, that are to be implemented in the early future, as issued by Emperor Kell and the Imperial Council.

Sins of Our Fathers


The citizens of Koru Nemoidia were granted a spectacle in the form of yet another public execution of Death Watch operatives last week, this time led personally by the Lord Imperator Kasra himself. The group in question was exposed during an organized sweep on Antar performed by the Legion, promptly taken captive and moved to a secure location for questioning. During the interrogation, one of the prisoners revealed that the covert cell was harboring Elvette Rainmark, an adoptive child of Peter Max, the current leader of Death Watch and a sworn enemy of the Krath Empire. With this piece of information revealed, the entire group was transported to the Lord Imperator’s private estates on Koru Nemoidia, where their fate would be decided.


Lord Kasra had decided to judge their actions against Krath as a matter of dual offence, claiming that the issue was as much a dispute between the Empire and its enemies as it was a battle between Mandalorians and Dar’Manda. This would mean that they would be eligible to a broader scope of punishments, as the charges against them would be both based on law of Krath and law of Lord Kasra’s clan, the Ar’Klim. This gave Lord Imperator the judiciary freedom he needed to sentence the entirety of the cell to slavery and forced labor on the Lord Imperator’s numerous construction projects in Ar’Klim clan territories. As he would put it, “They would improve that, which they so foolishly attempted to destroy.” After well over ten standard months of indentured service, Lord Kasra declared their usefulness spent, scheduling their execution date in the process.


The event attracted a large crowd to the Palace Plaza in front of the Cebatr be Ar’Klim, the designated place of the execution. In the late afternoon, Lord Kasra himself had appeared on-stage with the soon-to-be Dead Watch members. After giving a short speech on the importance of upholding the Mandalorian standards (see: Resol’nare) across all clans and weeding out pretenders, he summarily executed all seventeen prisoners before him via beheading. While each individual death solicited a positive response from the crowd, the cheers were loudest during the demise of the aforementioned Elvette Rainmark and another Death Watch officer, Billy Freeform. When approached by KrathNet journalists to share his thoughts on the occasion, Lord Imperator commented: “It is a slow process, to clear one’s name. But in executing seventeen filthy Dar’manda, I certainly hope to have cleansed some of the stains from the name ‘Mandalorian.’ For that opportunity, I am filled with joy.”