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Greetings citizens of Krath, and welcome to KrathNet News.

New Lord Imperator

We open up this update with the advancement of Zilak Pindall to the title of Lord Imperator of Krath. Following a period of exceptional development with our legionnaires, as well as their innovative use of Krath tactics, he has proven himself to be an astute and intuitive commander and a worthy recipient of such a title. The official formal ceremony took place to triumphant scenes outside the Tetan Royal Palace on Shesharile III, as the new Lord Imperator met with others of the council before formally taking his place as Right Hand of the Emperor.

This advancement makes Lord Pindall the third Lord Imperator since the reformation of the Empire.

Automation for Koros

It’s been announced that Choruk Metalworks have begun work on a major infrastructure overhaul in the Askaj system, introducing new automated technologies to transform the supply chain and bring it in line with modern commercial needs of Koros Spaceworks. Lord Aedile Cuyan Hulo was unavailable for interview, however a spokesman for the Lord Aedile told us:

“These changes continue to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of manufacturing and development. We expect to see a significant growth in job opportunities for both Krath Engineering Corps, as well as openings for the private sector as we set about with changes that will strengthen Krath and protect her citizens. There are plenty of opportunities for anyone willing to be involved in these exciting changes.”

Marasa Agreement Signed

Turning to diplomatic news, senior officials finalised the agreement between Krath and Deep Automation Mining Nexus (DAMN) over the transition of power of the Marasa Sector.  Marasa, located within the Inner Rim of the Galaxy, has long been a region perfect for further development and with strong central positioning. The discussions concluded as Emperor Kasra met with CEO Juggalo in a formal state event to sign the agreement. In an interview following the signing, Emperor Kasra and CEO Juggalo both provided a statement to KrathNet:

“While it is uncommon for Krath to relinquish control of any territory it holds in the name of our glorious deity, [DAMN] has proven both responsible and reliable in maintaining the industrial infrastructure of our colonial territories. I see this as an excellent opportunity to expand their influence and provide them with a reward for their loyalty. May the people of Marasa flourish under their care.”
~Emperor Talak Kasra

“[DAMN] extends its heartfelt gratitude to The Krath for their cooperation and trust in facilitating the full control of the Marasa Nebula. This historic achievement underscores the strength of our partnership and the limitless potential it holds for our collective futures.”
~ CEO Machiezmo Juggalo

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