Indifferent Krath suffers moderate inconvenience by Black Sun

In the late hours of D291, citizens of Krath and beyond enjoyed a hearty laugh thanks to the boastful, proud, yet mostly false report delivered by Black Sun on the apparent looting of the Minos-Mestra subgroup of Krath’s production sector. With the style ranging anywhere from bragging to gross overexagerration, the main premise of the news report revolves around a supposedly major blow to Krath’s primary arms and armor supplier, Minos-Mestra Munitions. However, the blow was nowhere as threatening as Black Sun implied.

While it is not denied that Ms. Yoi stole a portion of 3M assets, the most notable of which was arguably the moderate amount of Heavy Armor, it ought to be clarified that Ms. Yoi’s actions are far more akin to a slight issue, rather than a “crippling blow”, as the BSNN so eloquently put it. In fact, the Krath government had initially decided on not releasing an official statement, writing off Ms. Yoi’s actions as those of a fledgling thief not worthy of the Galactic spotlight. However, after witnessing Black Sun’s ego-boosting news piece, the information bureau felt it necessary to properly explain several key aspects of the situation, rather than to leave the Galaxy only with the contrived fabrications and propaganda both Black Sun and the Imperial Union as a whole are so well known for.

Upon running basic damage control protocols, the Krath census discovered that the assets stolen were mostly the proverbial breadcrumbs off the floor, raw materials, ships and items that were deemed second-rate, and therefore not subject to the full force of the Krath security systems BSNN claimed were so easily perforated. When KrathNet interviewers asked Lord Imperator Kasra about the damages inflicted by Ms. Yoi’s antics, he chuckled and referred to the stolen goods as ” […] things that had been sitting in Minos-Mestra’s inventory for quite some time and were gathering dust. Trinkets, really.” He later admitted that, ” […] The loss of the equipment, while regrettable, certainly wasn’t much more than a drop in the proverbial ocean.”

While the BSNN would like to have the whole Galaxy (themselves included) believe that they achieved a major victory against their enemies, they have instead exposed their delusional perception of the affair for everyone to see. Taking a page straight out of the Death Watch PR department manual, they had hoped that this somewhat noteworthy military accomplishment would reestablish their quickly fading relevance in the Galaxy, but have only managed to worsen their predicament in the process. Instead of striking fear and dissent into Krath and their allies, their attempt at causing considerable damage to the Galactic Alliance was met with bemused indifference more than anything else. As part of the official government statement, the Krath Empire gives them a C- for effort and heavily recommends that they reach out to their allies in Tresario and ask them how to properly loot somebody.

That being said, we would like to issue an apology to everyone wanting to purchase items from the Minos-Mestra public store, as well as any who are waiting on the completion of their order, since the unusual circumstances will likely result in a temporary freeze on all sales until the items in question are restocked.

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