Lord Negotiatore Addresses Krath Expo

The KrathNet logo fills the screen and slowly fades out of sight. As the camera returns to focus, a sharply dressed KrathNet reporter stands before an anxious crowd. A caption reads “KrathNet Reporter Hirlina Gueto is on scene in Yelsain.”

2nd Expo

“This is Krath News’ Hirlina Gueto, reporting live from Yelsain with rumours of a newly appointed Krath Lord preparing to give an important speech regarding the second Krath Expo. As rumor has it, he will be taking over for a long-time Krath Lord who has recently retired. No word of his appointment has been given until now. Unofficial news sources have reported that the once delayed Expo was going to be called off, but it seems that this may not be the case. I am getting information that his speech should begin any moment now, so, without further delay, let’s take you live to the stage.”

Felson 2nd Expo

The camera slowly blacks out and fades back in to a clean stage with a single podium in the center. The backdrop has deep purple curtains with the Krath logo embroidered on the front. The lights all turn and focus on the podium as a sharply dressed Ryn wearing a dark purple suit, with a golden yellow accent, steps out from behind the curtains and takes up position behind the podium. The Ryn gives the microphone a light tap to check if it is on and clears his throat before speaking:

“Hello everyone, allow me to cordially welcome you to the occasion. My name is Devon Felson and I have been given the honor of taking Lord Bancho Curr’s place as Lord Negotiatore for the Krath Empire. In conjuction with my recent inauguration, I am pleased to announce that the preparations for the second Krath Expo are in full swing. In just three short weeks, on Y18 D106, we will be hosting the Expo which will last 2 full weeks.”

Lord Felson pauses for a moment before continuing:

“Before I go over the events for the Expo this year, I’d like to first inform you of the nature of our delay. The Krath Expo is meant to be an industrial meeting of the minds, where everyone is invited to try and sell their wares, or even try to intorduce and drive new products to the galaxy. As such, it falls upon the Industrial Lord of Krath to plan and host the event. Our former First Lord of Industry, Bancho Curr, has been preparing for his retirement the last few months, slowly passing on the torch to myself. As of Y18 D75, First Lord Bancho Curr has officially retired from the Ruling Council of Krath. I have taken his place and the new title of Lord Negotiatore to fit with Krath’s rebranding. As such, I have begun work on re-evaluating the prices Krath offers for datacards and I have started with Koros Spaceworks. Moving forward, we have set a new price guide in place, which should help anyone inquiring about datacard rentals. All this information can be found on the holonet for the public to see. I recommend keeping an eye out for pricing updates, as there will be periodic sales that I doubt you’ll want to miss. Under my rule, I would like to see the Krath Industrial factions grow in synergy in order to improve relations and production. To do so, we have renamed the department to Combine Krath Industrial, in addition to opening the Krath Industrial Militia, which will help keep the peace in the Industry Sectors and allow the Industry groups to work together on hunting projects. I would also like to point out that more details on the Krath revitalization efforts will be revealed in the coming weeks by another of my colleagues, so please stay tuned to KrathNet for those updates.”

Pausing once more, Lord Felson takes a sip of water from a glass sitting on the podium before proceeding.

“Now, onto the events for the Expo. A week prior to the Expo, we will be hosting an open-air Expo Fair that will take place in Tradetown, Yelsain. Everyone is invited, regardless of affiliation. All we ask is for you to register your name with the Krath Legion in order to procure a one-time pass into Krath territories for those not on friendly terms with the Krath Empire. Lord Imperator Talak Kasra is the point of contact for pass requests into Krath space. Lord Protector Kalzel Gryjiss will be the head of security for the event and inquiries about the Expo Ball should be discussed with him. Keep in mind, everyone at the Expo is considered equal, but any troublemakers will be dealt with swiftly and appropriately. There will be a Pazaak tournament taking place during the Expo; the entry fee for the tournament is one million standard credits with the grand prze being an MTC datacard assigned to a shipyard of your choice. We will also be having a raffle, with prizes ranging from Morgukai Glaives to BFF-1 bulks with an entry fee of 250,000 credits. All proceeds will be for the benefit of future Krath Expos. As usual, Koros is offering a constant sale of an additional 15% off of datacard prices, starting a week before the Expo Ball starts. This sale will end once the Expo has concluded, please stay tuned to our forums for any information regarding these and future events for the Expo. Thank you for your time, and please remember that our communications are always open to inquiries with Krath relating to Industry.”

Lord Felson gives a slight nod and a short wave as he turns to take his leave from the stage. The camera shifts focus from the stage to the Expo commerce hall, where crowds have already gathered in anticipation of the event.

2nd Expo party

Hirlina Gueto’s voice is heard over the commotion once more, “Things are looking up for Krath lately. Under Emperor Kell’s guiding hand, they have already executed the infamous traitor Varro Belle and revived the Expo. It is sad to see First Lord Curr retire from Krath after his many years of service, but I am told he will still be around as an advisor. The new Lord Negotiatore Felson has some pretty big shoes to fill if he wishes to keep up the example that Lord Curr has set. Time will tell how his days in office will go. On that note, that’s all the time we have for now. This has been Hirlina Gueto with KrathNet.”

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