Krath enters the Endor Pact

Shesharile 3 (KNN) – Southern sectors of the galaxy have seen yet another major step towards ongoing peace in the region with the Krath Empire recently entering the Endor Pact.

While the citizens of the galaxy were enjoying the revelry of the inaugural Galaxy Festival on the surface of Ord Mantell, deliberations of a more serious nature were unfolding in orbit. Representatives from the signatories of the Endor Pact met with the Emperor of Krath, Talak Kasra, aboard the Lucrehulk-class Battleship Prosperity, personal flagship of Trade Federation Viceroy Jacob Jansen. Discussions were held around ensuring the security of the south-eastern quadrant of the galaxy where many of the constituents of the pact hold territory. In spite of the exclusive but popular party the Viceroy was throwing for select guests in the Prosperity’s well-stocked bar, delegates were able to find time to come to a firm agreement on their common goals of mutual defence and neutral independence.

Speaking to the press, Trade Federation Viceroy Jacob Jansen said “It was an honor to meet with Emperor Kasra and his delegation to discuss the future of the south-eastern quadrant of the galaxy. Goals of the Trade Federation and our allies in the region correspond with that of the Krath and we are excited to build on this.”

Emperor Kasra signed the treaty in short order, cementing the Krath Empire’s entry to the Endor Pact on Y21D268. With the formalities concluded, he only made brief comments to the press. “While Krath has dedicated itself to remaining neutral and keeping out of all surrounding interests, we found ourselves discontent with simply building martial power and guarding our own borders. We determined that, while we should remain neutral, we can still assist other neutral organizations in protecting innocent life. We join the Endor Pact with open minds and hearts, grateful that we would be afforded the opportunity to join the other noble factions of the Pact in the pursuit of the preservation of innocent life.”

The Endor Pact is a collective defense treaty primarily intended to provide a united military response against aggressors to signatories. Established in Y19, it initially comprised the Trade Federation, super-business Czerka Corporation and its affiliates and the Kaleesh nation of Kolkpravis. Other territory-holding states from the region have since joined such as Alpha Medical Corporation. Signatories gained experience working together in the Western Reaches land-rush following the discovery of Jakku and proved their combined strength with successful operations in several theatres.

With the addition of the Krath Empire to the Pact, the territory it shields has expanded significantly to include sectors in the deep south and far east of the galaxy. Significant military expansion within the Holy Krath Legion promises to add a valuable resource the Endor Pact arsenal as well as serving as another powerful deterrent to would-be aggressors in the region.

Kolkpravis leader Rael sul C`anl noted to the press that, “Along with more opportunities for all those involved, it will also add stability and security to the region,” with Alpha Medical Corporation representative Lister O`Smeg adding, “We welcome the latest members to the Endor Pact with open arms and look forward to years of peace, prosperity and cooperation together.”
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