Talak Kasra Appointed Emperor

Palace City

Massive nation-wide celebrations across the Krath Empire concluded today with the coronation of the former Lord Imperator, Talak Kasra. In a grand ceremony attended by all the key representatives of the government, the first Emperor of Krath, Lazarus Kell, has anointed Kasra his successor. The transition was received positively across the vast majority of the Empire.

Lazarus Kell, once again resuming his title of Krath Lord, is widely viewed to have skillfully led the Krath through one of its most difficult periods. Among his most significant legacies have been the reviving of the Krath Empire of old and the progression of the Krath from the Galactic Alliance into the neutral sphere, opening many doors of opportunity for alliance and trade. Despite assaults from multiple quarters during his reign, the state has emerged unbroken and full of energy for a new era.

Earlier this week, Kell issued a public broadcast scheduling the appointment of his successor. Lord Imperator Kasra, one of the most prominent Krath figures and commander of the Krath Legions was to assume the operational duties of Emperor on Day 210 of Galactic Year 20. In addition to the proclamation, the Emperor decreed a temporary national holiday to allow citizens to prepare for the event. Across the vast expanse of Krath sectors, gatherings were organized both to celebrate and condone the decision. With work hours cut, every citizen had the opportunity to voice their opinion and, despite several minor protests, the general mood of the public was more than amicable towards their new Hapan overlord.


Around midday on Day 218, the celebrations culminated when Emperor Kell invited Kasra to the Shesharile Palace in order to formally cede the reins of power. Upon arrival, Kasra was greeted by an honor guard consisting of five hundred Mandalorian warriors from his clan, Aliit Ar’Klim, as well as the apex of Krath’s religious and worldly hierarchy. Following a final ceremonial greeting of Emperor Kell, Kasra was coronated as the new Emperor, with his predecessor kneeling in turn to recognize his newfound authority over Krath citizens. In turn, he was promised by Kasra to build upon the foundation of the ‘Golden Age’ and offered an advisory position, which he accepted.

With the coronation done and dealt with, the high priests of Krath blessed the new Emperor with Krath’s divine favor and sacrificed twelve thousand nerfs to invoke Krath to guide Emperor Kasra’s steps, shield him from danger, and smite his enemies.

Talak Kasra has had a long history with the Krath dating back to his years of service in Mandalore until his clan left to join the Krath under the leadership of the renowned Grevendar Togl. Talak’s mentor played a major role in building the Krath military and left a tremendous burden of responsibility to Kasra upon his departure. Most political pundits agree the Mandalorian’s tireless efforts to build the Empire’s influence and maintain its status despite overwhelming setbacks and inconveniences has been the key to the recognition he received today. The executives of Krathfeed concur and offer their deepest congratulations to the Emperor on receiving this highest and most well-deserved honor.

Crown of the Krath Emperor


Later in a public broadcast, Emperor Kasra stated that “while Krath had taken some major turns in their path, [Emperor Kasra] would endeavor to bring Krath to the great heights was meant to be in.” The media and the public eagerly await the next chapter in Krath’s glorious history.

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