The Ecclesiarchy Heresy

Following the press release of the Zhellic Ecclisiarchy, massive public protests have arisen in the Krath Empire, the protests primarily calling for the religious sect of the government to declare the Ecclesiarchy as heretics and to eliminate them as the great Krath demands of all heretics. As protests reached the capital world of Shesharile 3, officials within the government began to make statements in regards to the protests and the general upheaval caused by both Sanctuary Prime and the Zhellic Ecclesiarchy, sparking rumors that the Emperor himself was seen consulting with none other than Grand Master Tapar Craken, the Chosen One of Krath. Rumor has also been abound of Emperor Kasra making additional moves to return The Krath Empire to the old ways, a movement largely started by former Emperor Kell with the withdrawal from the Galactic Alliance. While many of the protests have gotten heated, local law enforcement responding did little more than monitor the situation, prompting the protests to grow not only in size, but also in fervor. Government officials have been quoted saying that law enforcement is only in place to make sure no one is hurt, but that so far the protests have not broken any laws and are instead seen as patriotic in nature.


On the note of the protests, some more recent protests have seen the presence of Order clerics coming out to show their support, some going so far as to write various scriptures from the apparent Zhellic religion and then burn the material. One such writing was briefly captured by a KrathNet reporter before being burned and stated that it said “The Thirteen are known by many names, yet no matter which of them you were raised uttering, know that They are your Gods as much as they are ours.” The particular cleric who wrote and subsequently burned this piece of heretical scripture stated that “These [Zhellic] heretics who dare to spread this filth should all be gathered up and sacrificed to Krath, just as the Great God demands! They claim that their gods are not only the only gods, but that all others are simply mirrors of their own!” This statement seemed to drive that particular protest to an even greater height, with some calling out to the highest branches of the Church and Government to do or say something.

On the morning of D 264, the protests ground to a halt as all across the Krath Empire a holotransmission was broadcast as part of a state address, overriding all previous scheduled viewing. It depicted Emperor Kasra himself, who then made a statement on the protests and the Ecclesiarchy matter.


“People of the Krath, I appear before you today to acknowledge your words and your patriotism. After extensive thought on the matter and consulting with the clergy of Krath, I have decided that we will hereby be going to war with the heretics that wear the face of an ancient enemy. They wear the face of the ancient Zhell, the predecessors to Coruscanti Humans who long ago attempted to exterminate the Taung and drove them off the planet in search of a new home. The Taung, the ancient founders of the Mandalorian culture who waged war with the Zhell for hundreds of years before finally succumbing to the inflicted wounds and fled, lest they be wholly destroyed. The Zhells who worship their false gods and declare unholy crusades. The Zhells who will today know fear as the united Krath and Mandalorian assembly of Krath join together to stop their hypocrisy and paint their homes red with blood, as the Gods of Chaos and Destruction demand! Today the Legions march to war, tomorrow the Zhells march to death! We will not allow them to continue with their heresy or their hypocrisy! Their genocide to those who had shown them mercy has not been forgotten and Krath will ensure that they are not able to continue that tradition any longer!”

Following the address, the Department of War reported a steep increase in recruitment rates from among the populace, showing that the protestors had turned their attention away from public demonstrations and instead to public service in an effort to smite the heretics. One military official, Praetorian Raidan Spike spoke on the matter “As a very wise man once said, ‘Faith without works is dead.’ Well, the men and women of Krath have shown today their fervor is not restricted to platitudes. It is most pleasing to see holy zeal being expressed not only in service to Krath and the Empire but also in devotion to our gracious Emperor in answering his call.” Praetorian Spike, noted to have spent significant time working closely with the Emperor, is rumored to be potentially taking on a larger role within the Empire, rumors that have so far received positive feedback according to a recent poll. One such person who was polled, Decurion Zilak Pindall of the Ori’Ramikade stated that “I like easy wars, they keep discipline on point and they are good practice for new officers. But this is deeper than that, the Ecclesiarchy has offended us both as Krath believers and followers of the Resol’nare. All service to the state, according to Krath religion is a service done for Krath herself, but that has never been more clear to us than now.”

KrathNet also endeavored to speak with a representative of the Order of Krath and First Paladin Calgor Grim stated that “The words of the Zhellic Ecclesiarchy are nothing but extremist propaganda. Their very doctrine, if it can even be called such a thing, is nothing but a recipe for anarchy with the supposed thirteen representing, among other facets, the concept of genocide and destruction, instability and insurrection, even feudal beliefs such as the symbols of basic elements. These are not people with whom you should place your faith. These people represent barbarism, fanaticism, archaic and backward traditions and quite simply disorder and chaos. Krath brings us wisdom, brings us understanding, knowledge but also brings us unity and we must unite in these times to stand true against these heretical outcries from these people who would do us ill and we must be strong for Krath guides us always.”


The Krath State Department was keen to point out that, while not addressed, the Throne is content to leave Sanctuary Prime to their devices so long as they do not bring their genocide to Krath territory or otherwise threaten Krath interests.

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